GregsChess is a website for, obviously, playing chess. I specifically made the website for playing multiple long-term corespondence style chess. I figure if I design it correctly it will also be suitable for fast paced games as well. I just like the idea of playing a chess game over the course of 1-2 years while also having accompanying e-mails/messages akin to actual corespondence chess.

I plan to have a host of features included on this site. I, obviously, want to have a website where you login and play games with others. Both with a pool of strangers as well as with your friends. You could have multiple concurrent games with the same friend to keep things interesting. Allowing you to log in and play 5 games with one person.

I also want to include all sorts of different chess variants. It will be fun to have them all included within the same site to play friends with.

To expand on the playing with strangers portion of things; I think I may have novel featuers like allowing you to continue a game that another user has abandonded after a certain portion of inactivity. This way it will allow the person who was abandoned not to feel 100% disapointment after investing a large portion of time into a game. It may also have the fun unforseen consequence of playing something with a drastically different strategy or skill level.

Finally I would really like to make this site as open as possible in every way I feisably can. While I might not go to the extreme of making 100% of all code on this site open, I do intend to make many aspects of it open. I plan to allow all games past and present allow you replay it move by move through from beginning to end/current moment. I also plan to support as many different computer and human formats to export each game with. That way you could archive your entire game history. PERHAPS at some point famous, historical, or personal games could be uploaded strictly for viewing purposes or even custom scenarios.

These are clearly my dreams and early plans for a website that will likely change drastically throughout it's creation. Hope you enjoy the vision!